Why train with us?


Nanzan Dojo aims to inspire a way of life through training that protects the body, mind and spirit.


If you are truly interested in learning traditional Japanese martial arts the same way it is taught in Japan, then our dojo will be of interest to you. The benefits of learning martial arts in the traditional way are:

  • Physical skill for defence of the body
  • Self-awareness, self-respect and self-discipline for defence of the mind
  • Develop mental resilience, patience and perseverance leading to spiritual refinement


Some other benefits from training with Nanzan Dojo are:

  • Practice authentic Japanese martial arts
  • Join an international organisation with direct links to our Grandmaster and master teachers
  • Gain opportunities to personally travel to Japan for training with Nanzan Dojo on annual visits
  • Gain access to periodic seminars with visiting master level instructors from Japan