Trail Training Registration: Step 1 of 6

Trial period


To start your training, you will need an Introductory Lesson Pass. The pass is only $22 for one month of unlimited training in either the Open or Teenage Class.  Your month of training commences from the date of purchase and is valid for 30 days. This is a one-time special offer for beginners only.


Simply click the “Introductory Lesson Pass” button below to start the joining process online.


Once you have registered for an Introductory Lesson Pass information about your first lesson will be sent to you via email. This email details what you need to bring with you to class and suggested clothing to wear.  This email will also contain your unique code you will need should you wish to join as a member.

Membership application


Once you've completed your introductory training period and you would like to join Nanzan Dojo, please click on the "Membership Application" button Below.


Before you start your "Membership Application" please have a passport quality image (JPEG format) ready to upload as it is required for the Membership Application Form.